Tuesday, September 16, 2008

saved by the sandwich

if it wasn't for Nameless, I would be still playing Fairy princesses with Sue! we had to find this hat filled with cookies or we couldn't stop playing. I was relieved from the game when nameless calls "Soups on!" and Sue yells, "yay! swoup!" little did she know that it was an expression and we had sandwiches.Nameless is my savior....


Did you read her blog entrie?!?!?! she hid the stupid hat in the fridge!!!! grrrrrrrrr............... i'm going to get that stupid, good for nothing-


no! you're not my savior! your mean!! very mean!

~i know.~

grrr.... bye


Saturday, August 23, 2008


we might be getting my sister! i didn't bring her up, because i didn't want to cause trouble, but now we're going on this huge rescue mission and i thought I'd just mention it. Serpent was just like, "WHAT? all the years we've known each other and you never mentioned that you had a SISTER?"

yeah... she's 3, and a 'perfect' version of me. she's a bit more human and her name is Tsunami. Her nickname is Sue and she really is my biological sister. that shows you how crummy my parents are, giving us both up!

also, we're also saving 4 boys, so i won't be the only guy! one is my age, one is 10, one is 7 and one is 5. we're getting Vision and Guardian too. Nameless just ran to the hard where store to get the stuff make the pond bigger and make a basement. my job is to think of how the basement should be because i am the only person with any idea what guys like. maybe blue or green....

Serpents room is perfect for Sue, because she loves pink and purple and sparkles. when we were together, i asked her what she wants most. she said, "i wush dat i is a prinsess an' you wewre one too...", and it was really cute.

i think i should go give Serpent her medicine now. has it been six hours? yup.... we found some Pepto Bismol, and tylonal so she's getting better. i should go. bye!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

new account!

this is my new account! i think good.... anyway, serpent wants to make her account now. bye!


Insain Bolt!

his real name is Usain, but Serpent and I call him INsain! he's the fastest man in the world and he's also the coolest! we love him. no! not in that way! ew! i'm a guy!why would you even think that?

any way, school in less than 2 weeks! im sort of exited, but what if they don't believe our story and our cover is blown? what if we fail? well, i know nameless won't but she's letting us do the work and answer questions and stuff! we're the ones who need the education....

we followed Radar's lead (sort of) and got a job. Nameless did, anyway. she got a paper route. normally, she wold get about 10$ per day, but she can do all the papers in half the time of anyone else, so she gets 30$ for the whole hour and a half every day at 5:00 am! no one is ever awake, so she just runs. YAY! we eat our dinner without guilt for once!

i bet you want details on our school, right? welll its huge and has 3 lunches. Serpent and I chose the electives, so we're doing drama(um....) and gym!

Serpent has a new power witch is VERY convenient. she can project other peoples thoughts! so if i made my voice like Nameless's and thought 'give Shayde the remote' and Serpent sent it to Nameless, Nameless might think they were her thoughts and give me the remote!

~don't even think about it....~

hey! no reading over my shoulder!

~technically, you don't even have a shoulder.~

still! this blog is still in the draft stage! you shouldn't read it until i'm done!

~yes, well your still using my account. which means that i have main ownership of your blog...~

well, fine! i'll get my own account!

if shayde gets one i get one!

~what? no! thats not what i ment-~

yay! i wonder what my email address should be?

~no! one email address is enough, and you saw what that did!~


fine mister grumpy face. i still love you though!

Jeesh! i guess i need to go make my email address.bye!


P.S. love you too, Serpent.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

creepy email

we got this creepy email, eh? I've been trying to trace it all morning, with no luck at all. i really hope they don't find our house! we're just getting settled and i think nameless REALLY likes the house. i can't track that thing for the life of me! i think they blocked us though, because they aren't receiving our emails. this is not good. Serpent is freaking out because if something happens to Nameless an I, she can't call the police because she can't talk. i think I'll take her mind off it by taking her out to count the fish. you go in the pond and hold a net so the top is out of the water, but the bottom isn't. you put all the fish in and count them, then name them, then put them back. that will occupy our time, right? bye


Monday, July 21, 2008

pizza in my room! with Fred!

hello! i am eating pizza! yes, you heard me right! PIZZA! really good pizza. you might have heard, but WE GOT OUR HOUSE! my room is so amazing! its black with green splatters and its sooo cool! i guess Serpent and Nameless already dished the dirt on the house, so i'll tell you about Fred!

Lats night, serpent and i were on th computer looking at video's on youtube., we found the best ones ever! Meet fred!

its amazing. i wish i coul talk like that! wait a second.... i can! hahahahah!



no silly, i just have his hackin' voice!

thats amazing!

i know.

anyway, i need to eat, so ttfn.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

no longer homeless?

well, we got a house. we get to move into it sunday and we each get our own rooms! i think i'll paint mine green..... i don't know though... for now, Serpent and i are just hanging out until Nameless gets back. She's getting the furniture now and hiding it so it will be ready when we move in. We wern't aloud to come, because Nameless needs to go shopping and us in her backpack would give her away. i guess Serpent and i will just sit here and play cards and stuff. i think i'll find out how to play some new ones on the internet though. all we know how to play is 'go fish' and 'crazy eights'. bye, see you when we have a house!